The Writing Process (Blah blah blah)

Sometimes I’ll peruse the blogs of “serious” writers, just to get some inspiration. It helps to read what others are going through and how they’re doing things. Often, there is at least one entry on the “correct” way to write. Now, that’s not actually fair, because most authors are pretty up front about that fact that it differs from person to person. But there is the occasional blog that will talk about how you MUST do things and you are NOT a writer if you don’t do them that EXACT way. Well, that’s a bunch of bull-hockey. I have no idea what bull-hockey is, but it sounds dangerous and painful and like a not very well thought out sport.

Anyway. So this is my entry on the writing process. Keep in mind that while I consider myself to be a dedicated writer, I would probably never put myself in a category with the word “serious” in it. Still, what follows is a fairly accurate description of my writing process. Time frame on a weekday: 4pm-12am Enjoy.

– Think about writing. Get excited about next chapter.
– Open computer.
– Open Facebook. Spend time sharing clever witticisms with the world.
– Check email. Move rejections to folder labeled “Nah.”
– Open document.
– Play Mah-jong
– Look on instagram. “Like” photos.
– Read last few pages written.
– Check Facebook again.
– Play Mah-jong
– Send an email to Mom about how hard it is to write.
– Check G-chat for friends. Chat.
– Type next chapter heading
– Think of idea for new novel, write a chapter for that one
– Play Mah-jong
– Start a blog about writing
– Write Facebook status about writing
– Research agents and query process
– Write query letter
– Play Mah-jong
– Write (approx 11:30pm)

Yeah. Sadly, that’s how I roll. I only make it to the writing if I can stay up that late. Of course, if I start writing, I usually get in the groove and write for a couple of hours, which makes working the next day sort of unbearable. However, since they pay me to work during the day, I can’t really call in sick. Much.

As far as structure and planning…I have none. I know. It’s terrible. I’m a terrible writer for doing it that way. But seriously, I don’t even know what is going to happen half the time! I have a general idea, of course, but I don’t always even know which characters are going to turn on the others. Sometimes it just happens. Because my characters are real people. In my head. More about that later…

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