The opposite of writer’s block

I have a new problem lately that I haven’t had to deal with very often. Usually, when I write, there is a point that I stop and have no idea where to go next. Writer’s block. It’s what caused my first novel to take three years to finish.

With this newest novel, the opposite is happening. Let’s call it writer’s…uhh…diarrhea? That’s gross, but seriously. I have to keep telling my brain that I have to do things like go to work and work on preparing to teach my next college class, and, oh yeah, sleep sometimes. The story just keeps running through my head, and I HAVE TO GET IT OUT.

What my brain also doesn’t seem to understand is that as I write, I have to actually describe what’s going on. I can see it all happening in my head, but I have to paint a word picture in order to translate what I see onto the paper. Or the computer. Whatever. So when, like now, I have a whole sequence mapped out in my head, it might take me five hours to write what goes through my head in just a few minutes.

I would rather have this problem than writer’s block, however. There are these beautiful moments when I sit down at the computer and the words come and it feels effortless. The words just flow, and I get excited and think, “It’s comin’ out of me like hot lava!” (Bridesmaids, anyone??)

So, back to it now. This weekend I need to clean my apartment, prepare for my class, print off songs for church tomorrow, see my peanuts (I miss them!), and also try to do as much writing as possible.

Writing is great until life gets in the way šŸ˜‰ Wish me luck!

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