To make a long story short

In my last post I mentioned that I really suck at summarizing things, which can make conversations with people about writing very awkward. (Sidenote…when I was talking about how people react when I say I write, I wasn’t talking about ALL people. I looove talking about writing, and as long as someone is genuinely curious and respectful about it, I don’t mind whatever questions come out!)


Back to summarizing. Keeping things succinct is not my gift. I don’t write short stories. It’s a skill that I am working on, but I need a lot more practice. Unfortunately, when I’m doing things like entering Twitter pitch contests or writing a query letter, not having that skill can really damage my chances. Because, clearly, ALL of my story is important. So then I think I should cut NOTHING or EVERYTHING. And it ends up like this:

Eden is cool. She lives Underground. Then some bad stuff happens. Kalon.

Descriptive, right?

This is the problem I have run into with a contest I am entering tomorrow. PitchMAS. I had to work my pitch into 35 words. This is the first contest I will be trying with this book. I’m nervous, although the worst that can happen is that it doesn’t get picked. Then I just work on querying.

The thing is, I know this is a good book. I have had some great feedback, from people who know me well and would tell me they love it regardless of its actual quality, but also from those who don’t know me as well, and/or would tell me the blunt truth even if they hated it. I also realize that anyone who knows me is also able to read into the personality behind the words. I only hope that that personality comes across to others as well, and that they enjoy it as much as my beta readers have!

I had a panic moment earlier today, because I am at a family reunion at a Presbyterian camp (I worked here 10 years ago…that is just insane!) and I wasn’t sure I was going to have internet access to enter the contest tomorrow! I was already making plans to go creep in the Perkins parking lot, and even buy a slice of pie inside if need be. But, clearly, it’s working just fine. A wee bit slow, but working! Hopefully still will be tomorrow too 😉

Wish me luck!

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