Facebook official?

Yesterday I did something I had hesitated to do for a while. I started a Facebook fan page for my writing. I had hesitated because it seems really…what’s the word…presumptuous? I mean, I’m not published. I have two completed novels, but so do a lot of people. I don’t even have an agent yet.

But there’s that word. Yet. I have to believe that it will happen, and when it does, I want to be prepared with a social media presence. For practical purposes as well, it’s nice to have a separate place to talk about writing and my projects more, since I do have people asking me what’s going on.

I already have a respectable number of “fans,” since my friends and family are awesome, but I have definitely already gotten the response that I anticipated, and which kept me from doing this for a long time. I was making conversation with a friend and mentioned it, and she laughed and said, “Yeah, I saw that,” and kind of rolled her eyes. What? Really? I’m not asking people to be my fans because of my pure awesomeness (although perhaps I should start a page for that too). I’m asking for support in my pursuit of a dream. And that’s nothing to roll an eye at.

In general, the response has been positive, and people are excited for me. That is what I’m focusing on. That is what I will remember when my dreams come true. I am so incredibly blessed in my life. I refuse to let the doubters, those who be condescending towards me, to dampen my spirits and my optimism about the future.

So thanks to all my wonderful friends and family who are faithfully following me, and to those who may not even know me personally, but have stumbled upon my words. Thanks for letting me be optimistic and confident and, yes, maybe even a little presumptuous at times. And for loving me and following me through it all 🙂

Oh yeah! And if you haven’t visited yet, you can find me on Facebook HERE.

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