Daydreaming. Or not.

I’m going to steal a line from The Bloggess and say this isn’t a real entry. It’s a 2:30 am rambling of sorts. I’ve spent the past three days cleaning frantically while being sick, and the last five hours baking for our big Thanksgiving meal tomorrow. Well, today, I guess. My brain is slightly fried.

Anyway. That’s not what this ramble is about. I rambled on my ramble about something completely unrelated to my original ramble. Savvy?

I don’t daydream anymore. (Transitions are for chumps.) For as long as I can remember, I have created elaborate daydreams in my head to pass the time. Fantastical worlds and comfortable settings, familiar people and new faces. Most of those daydreams were never meant to be written down. When I got teased a lot as a kid, I would escape to these worlds in my head, where everything was safe, and everyone adored me. So pretty much how my life was meant to be lived 😉

This month I have been writing (almost) every day (more on that later), and I realize that my ability to daydream has lessened. Not my inclination. I still long to escape to worlds that will always be mine, and mine alone, but as I empty more of the worlds and words I want to share from my brain on into my stories, the others seem to be leaking out as well. Maybe it’s being tired. I don’t know. My dreams at night are not as vivid anymore either. They are still strange, but I don’t remember them as clearly or for as long as I used to.

I suppose it could be that my brain is getting old. But that would be sad.

It may not even be related. I’m not going to stop writing to figure it out.

But I would like to daydream again. Just for a little while.

More on my NaNoWriMo adventure later. Preferably not at 2:30 Thanksgiving morning.

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