#PimpMyBio Mentee…uhh…bio!

This never happens, but I’m about to post twice in one day. I hate to do it. But not really, because, FUN.

I have been hanging out on Twitter tonight on the #PitchWars hashtag, because, well, I entered the contest and let’s face it, the mentors trash talking is super hilarious. I tried my hand at trash talking too…

I might not be doing it right.

I might not be doing it right.

Suddenly, the hashtag #PimpMyBio started popping up. Started by another potential mentee (@keeltyc), this is a chance for those of us who submitted to mentors to have our say in why we’re awesome enough to be mentored. Now, honestly, just entering Pitch Wars makes each one full of awesome, but it’s time to prove it.

So, here we go. I have no idea how many reasons I will give, and I also make no promises that they are all completely true, but here’s why a mentor should take a chance on me!

1) I have a love/hate relationship with edits. I would like to believe that my work is perfect, but I KNOW it’s not, and I WANT it to be, so I’m always eager for feedback and suggestions. I also remain true to my work and my vision, which keeps my voice from being lost in the feedback, which I think it important. Balance, people.

A little give and a little take.

A little give and a little take.

2) I am very quick to respond to emails, texts, tweets, etc, but not messenger pigeons. Birds freak me out. (Owl post is okay)

It's in the eyes. They can't be trusted.

It’s in the eyes. They can’t be trusted.

3) I love books! I mean, duh, everyone who writes loves books. But, I love books so much that this Christmas I have created a BOOKMAS TREE. There’s even a little reading girl as a tree topper! LOOK AT IT! IT’S GLORIOUS!


I think I’m tearing up it’s so pretty.

4) I love animals. So much that I want to kiss them all. Even the weird ones.

Leaning in

Leaning in

Sweet and salty

Sweet and salty

Rubber ducky, you're the one

Rubber ducky, you’re the one

Okay. That was a little weird.

5) I’m a therapist. That means that if you have a problem, I’m here for you. Come, sit on my virtual couch, let’s talk things over.

therapy6) I work with kids, which means I maintain that youthful spirit. Also, I have a lot of toys in my office.

Do you want to play?

Do you want to play?

Seriously, I’m freaking whimsical.

7) This.

Do you even need any other reasons?

Do you even need any other reasons?


Hey, look, that was all mostly true! Go me. I think I’m growing. As a person, that is.

That was fun. PICK ME!

And check out Dannie Morin’s PitchWars Mentee Contender Bio Blog Hop to see the other contenders!

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10 Responses to #PimpMyBio Mentee…uhh…bio!

  1. Chris says:

    I have never seen a Bookmas Tree before today–and today I’ve seen two! Yours is the prettier of the two, though. And I love your photo with the camel. Am I mistaken or is it a Bactrian?

    Good luck with Pitch Wars!

    • Rena says:

      Thank you! I have no idea what kind of camel she is. Her name is Gobi and she lives at Heifer International Ranch in Perryville, Arkansas.

      Thanks for getting this started!

  2. Keely Hutton says:

    That Bookmas tree is SWEET! And you don’t have to water it. Win-win! Best of luck with Pitch Wars!

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  4. erika6390 says:

    Bookmas Tree and Pig in Red Boots- Rena rocks!

  5. Tana says:

    I’m surprised you aren’t trying to kiss random boots pig, and the pigeon too!

  6. Marie Meyer says:

    Good luck with your #PitchWars submission! BTW, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your Bookmas Tree! Superb idea! I just might have to borrow your genius for my classroom! 🙂

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