Artist Spotlight and a Giveaway!

This is a very special blog post for me, because I get to tell you about one of my very best friends, and one of my favorite people in the world. Her name is Sara Burrier.

Isn't she puuurty??

Isn’t she puuurty??

Sara is a suuuper talented artist. We met a couple years ago when we attended the same church. Even before we met, I was in awe of her. She would create the chalkboard art for the sermon themes, and do other art projects. She’s one of those people who people are drawn to, who lights up when she laughs, who shines when she is inspired, and inspires when she shines.

Bringing chalkboard art to a whole new level.

Bringing chalkboard art to a whole new level.

A few weeks ago, Sara’s new drawing book, WATERCOLOR FAIRY ART: HOW TO BRING YOUR FAIRY REALM ART TO LIFE, came out, and I was thinking about how when authors have novels released, there’s a whole bunch of hoopla, blog posts, giveaways, party times. It’s a little different for the release of a drawing book. So, I decided I wanted to make a bit of a fuss. You can find her book on Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

Look! She wrote a book!

Look! She wrote a book!

Soooooo, I am doing a number of things. First, a mini interview with Miss Sara herself about her art and inspiration, as well as what she is excited about coming up. Check it:

When did you start drawing?
Sara: A very important question indeed. I started drawing around the age of one like many, but I think I intentionally began drawing as a hobby or for fun around third grade. The films ‘The Little Mermaid’ and ‘Fantasia’ by Walt Disney came out around that time and those were huge motivators.

Why fairies and mermaids?
Sara: Same, as the Disney channel was one of the very few channels my sister and I were permitted to watch as kids. I was influenced by fairy tales, make believe, and imagination Walt Disney put on screen. The fairies came specifically from ‘Fantasia’…even more specifically, the ice fairies skating and creating frost. I was blown away by their enchantment. Ariel from Disney’s ‘The Little Mermaid’ won my heart in regards to mermaids. You’d think it was Peter Pan’s mermaids, but they didn’t have the kind of kick and personality Ariel had. I related to her very much, and she had the most beautiful voice. I fell in love instantly with the idea of a magical underwater world. I was a mermaid in the pool and at the beach from there on out.

3) Where does your inspiration come from?
Sara: Inspiration comes from many different avenues, it’s difficult to pinpoint it. Generally I’m inspired by fluidity of movement depicted in any art form, be it paint, pencil, or sculpture. I am inspired by ornate patterns and natural textures such as leaves, feathers, and flowers. I am also heavily inspired by nature and the sounds it makes. How the wind blows, how the birds sing, how a tree shades you from sun and rain, or how bubbles rise. There’s a romance to this earth and all that’s in it. A bit deep, but inspiration is a feel, felt down deep in the heart and gut, and it just ‘happens’ sometimes.

How long does a piece take you? (I realize this varies…like, a lot.)
Sara: It varies, a lot, like you said. To give you an idea though, I work about three solid hours a day, and to complete a 5×7 inch painting it could take me about a week. It would be safe to say about 20 hours from start to finish. The more complex the painting, the longer it will take as well. If, let’s say, that 5×7 inch painting is highly ornate, has two people, and a lot of hair (because, let’s face it, I’m addicted to painting hair), the amount of hours it takes could range up to the 40 hour mark. An 11×14 painting, on average, can take well up to two months.

What is your favorite new item you’re coming out with?
Sara: Anything with watercolor ground on it! I have just discovered how to really use this paste, and I can see great potential with it. You paint on this paste-like substance, and after it drive you can use watercolors on top. The most fascinating part it is sticks to glass, tin, wood, or anything else you can scratch up. I’m currently applying it to old Altoid tins and painting fairy faces on top. It’s almost therapeutic because they are very textile, requiring painting, sanding, drawing, painting more, sealing, and selling. I joke that I need employees all of a sudden to create an assembly line.

Who is your favorite superhero?
Sara: Gah!!! Such a hard question!!! When I was a teenager it was Jean Gray and Catwoman. Seriously, I was Catwoman for Halloween more times than once. Now, as an adult, geee, it’s difficult because of the movies we have now. The actors really put a life into the characters I didn’t see when I was reading comic books. I was never a big Wolverine fan, but after Hugh Jackman played him, I loved him. And it wasn’t just because it was Hugh, but you could tell her really dived into the character and worked to bring him to life. Second, I thoroughly enjoyed watching Robert Downey, Jr. play Iron Man. His quirkiness and ‘matter of fact’ approach sold the character to me. He also exposed the weakness in Iron Man that I somehow missed before. Trust me, I’m a junkie for superhero movies…and I’m still a Disney junkie too. A fox as Robin Hood? Genius!

If you could go anywhere, where would you go?
Sara: It used to be Scotland, but then I went there. I’d go back in a heartbeat too. I’d love to see Ireland and Italy. My husband has been to Italy and it sounded like a lot of fun, and extremely rick in art culture I didn’t get to see in Scotland. It’s on the bucket list.

Who is your favorite person who also writes this blog?
Sara: RENA!!! WHOO WHOO! ^_^

Awww, ain't we cute?

Awww, ain’t we cute?

Next, I want to give you a chance to get to know Sara yourselves! She has some awesome new things coming in her shop, just in time for the holidays, and you will WANT to keep up with her for updates. So, LINKAGE!

Sara B Illustration

And FINALLY. Because I believe everyone should have a Sara B print in their lives, I am giving one away to start someone’s collection! All you have to do is follow us both, tweet or share about the giveaway, and/or comment with your favorite Sara B print from her Etsy shop. That’s it! The contest will go until midnight, Friday, October 17. Tell your friends! (Sorry, international friends, US only this time around. Applies to the prints in the $11-12 range or ACEOs.) (Also, sorry if the widget won’t show up below. Click on the link to enter, and I will try and figure it out after work. Let me know if it’s showing up for you, but it’s not for me!)

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6 Responses to Artist Spotlight and a Giveaway!

  1. Tana says:

    AHHH! I NEED to win! I just need to! I’ve been following her artwork for awhile now, and I am in love with all of her work! I really need to order something!=-)
    I love the interview too!

  2. Jamie says:

    I couldn’t choose one- I loved the Halloween one, the autumn one, the Pegasus one was awesome, and the valentine one is gorgeous! Love it 🙂

  3. amiallenvath says:

    If I was forced at gunpoint to only choose one I couldn’t. But I SUPPOSE if I was in in a burning building and only could grab one it’d be the tangerine fairy reading. They’re all so cute! Following her so I remember for the holidays. 🙂

  4. Marty says:

    I think they are all great! I like Fairy Art Print Forest with Unicorns, Wolves, Birds, and Moon; and Fairy Art Print, Gothic Fairy with Lily and Blue Butterflies – Healing Art; and Angel Art Print – Guardian Angel – Forest Animal Spirits – Sympathy or Healing Art; and Princess Art Print – with Swans and Moon – Fairytale Wall Art

  5. Jennifer Burns says:

    GORGEOUS work! Love “Sunkissed” 😀

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