I have to laugh at this one, because I’m terrible at titles anyway (ask anyone I’ve tried to help), so a randomly selected one might be even better than the product of my brainstorming. Anyway…

I’ve been tagged by my dear friend, Jenny Moyer, author of ASHES FOR STARS (spring 2016), to do a blog hop on terrible titles. It’s pretty simple, just scroll through your manuscript and stop in random places. Whatever you land on becomes one of eight terrible titles. I’ll be using my dark contemporary, REMEMBERING DIANA, which is going through revisions, so I’ll have to be gentle. Let’s begin, shall we?

1) We Broke That Habit
2) Say Nothing
3) The Devil Himself
4) Bed Making with Molly
5) Why Am I Tied Up?
6) Meet the Hussy
7) Beauty and Pain
8) Final Act of Betrayal

Well that was fun. I’m sitting here giggling because some of those give the absolute wrong impression of my book. Although a couple have potential, and I am contemplating a new title…

Now I’m supposed to tag people? Okay. I tag… Krista McLaughlin, author of BREATHLESS, Jamie Adams, AAGAAO Queen Extraordinaire, Tana Haemmerle, maker of mullet photoshops, S.E. Carson, beautiful word-weaver, Margie Brimer, who may actually be my twin, and Kathy Palm, angel with a dark and twisted soul.

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2 Responses to #8TerribleTitles

  1. Jenny Moyer says:

    Welp, ‘Bed Making with Molly’ gets my vote. Followed closely by, ‘Why am I Tied Up?” Hilarious.

  2. That is fun. Maybe I should try that with my my projects. I’m TERRIBLE at titles.

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