I See Flowers

One of the first signs of spring in these parts is the sudden burst of dandelions. I love dandelions. They are so vibrant, and persistent. You cut them down, and they grow back up. Even in death, they spread their influence, floating on the breeze to land in new and exciting locations, where fresh gorgeous yellow flowers will sprout.

Many people look at dandelions and grumble. “Weeds,” they say. “Cut them down, poison them, keep them at bay.”

But not me.

Where others see weeds, I see flowers.

How many other places in our lives do we miss the flowers for seeing the weeds?

Where others see an oppositional brat, I see a child in need of love.

Where others see low test scores and underachievement, I see a gifted child with oodles of potential.

Where others see dirt and grime, I see the smiles and joy of kids who get the most out of life.

Where others see a messy house, I see a life too full to waste on chores.

Where others see horrible first drafts, worthy of the trashcan, I see diamonds, waiting to be uncovered.

Where others see rejection, I see opportunities for growth.

I see flowers.

What do you see?


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2 Responses to I See Flowers

  1. Kathy Palm says:

    THIS!!!!! We should be friends. I ❤ you.

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